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What We Offer

1. Peace of mind. Never feel caught off guard with a client’s question again.

2. Instant answers. Search this library any time from your phone, tablet, or computer.

3. Quality information. Notes are updated bi-weekly with new information and references.

4. Info for clients. Easily print these notes to share with clients.

5. Affordable learning. Teach yourself about functional nutrition, without a pricey course.

What’s Included


25+ cheat-sheets with functional nutrition recommendations for various conditions.

nutrition labs

15+ reference-sheets for interpreting nutrition-specific labs.

Elimination diet Resources

Notes on 176 MRT-tested foods and chemicals you can easily share with clients.


12+ notes on the function of nutrients and how to replete deficiencies.

Grocery Suggestions

List of 700+ few-ingredient food products for people with sensitivities or allergies.

Special Diets

Comprehensive guides for helping clients on special diets like low-FODMAP, GF, or vegan.

Current Number of Published Notes

(New content added bi-weekly.)

Who is the FNL for?

    • Dietitians who are interested in learning about functional nutrition, but can’t yet afford an expensive course.
    • Busy RDs who want evidence-based resources that will save them time with clients.
    • Practitioners who dig deeper for the root causes of symptoms, rather than provide bandaid solutions.
    • Those looking to keep up with with current research, without taking notes themselves.
    • Healthcare professionals who want helpful resources to make their client work more efficient.

    Kind Words

    What Our Members Say

    “The Functional Nutrition Library is a life saver! So much time has been saved and I know I can trust that the information is accurate!”

    - Emily

    “One of my favorite parts is the brand-name list of LEAP-friendly foods. I use it so much with my LEAP clients!”                           

    - Kathleen

    “The FNL is a great resource to check on any topic, disease, or supplement, with references from many sources!”                       

    - Dianne

    “The FNL gives me confidence as a new dietitian. It’s a well-organized and detailed resource for research-based information!”

    - Eling

    “I am so glad I purchased the annual membership and plan to renew it every year.”                                                   

    - Sarah

    “I always find something interesting that I haven’t found before. It’s a good refresher for things I’m studying in functional medicine.”

    - Rebekka

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